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Your trusted experts in residential fire safety.

Prepping your home for a safe and secure future should always be at the top of your priority list. That’s why MJ Koester Inc Fire Protection is here to help you protect your home and family from fire safety risks with comprehensive residential fire protection services.

Through regular fire inspections, sprinkler system maintenance and more, we can provide custom fire safety solutions to fit your home’s needs. Our experienced residential fire protection technicians can make sure your home is in compliance with local code and that all the necessary measures are taken to give you and your family peace of mind.

Residential Fire Safety Inspections:

At MJ Koester Inc Fire Protection, we offer our residential customers premier fire safety inspections. We provide thorough checks of all fire protection systems and devices in accordance with state and local codes.

Our team of specialists has years of expertise in identifying any issues and will make sure your fire protection systems are correctly installed, functioning properly and up-to-date.

Residential Fire Safety Inspections are a critical aspect of fire prevention. Similarly to how your car needs regular services, or how you visit the dentist once a year - so do your fire protection systems.

Statistics show that in the US during 2018, over half a million structural fires occurred, causing close to $11 Billion in damages. This is a number that could've been dramatically reduced with regular, residential fire safety inspections. They are quick, convenient and affordable, importantly they are also incredibly effective.

A simple inspection can prevent fires from happening and more importantly, prepare your property to be able to sustain and protect itself in the instance they occur. Our team is on-hand to assist you in making sure you have the best fire safety solutions for your home.

If you are interested to know more about our residential fire protection services, get in touch today! We would be happy to answer any questions and advise on the best plan of action for your unique needs.

Fire Sprinkler Design, Installation, and Inspection:

Having a dynamic fire sprinkler system that's designed for your home and properly maintained can make a huge difference. Your fire sprinkler system is the first response in the event of a house fire and therefore needs to be designed and installed correctly.

At MJ Koester Inc Fire Protection, our expert team offers comprehensive fire sprinkler design and installation for your residential property. Whether you require a new system or the maintenance of an existing one - we have the expertise to help.

Well-maintained fire systems can reduce the damage and spread of a fire, protecting your family and property. This is because they are designed to detect, control and extinguish fires quickly, saving precious seconds that could make the difference in saving a life.

Our team will assess your property needs and design the optimal fire sprinkler system that best fits your requirements. We also offer repair, maintenance and replacement services to keep your system functioning correctly and up-to-date ensuring it can protect you when needed most.

For more information on our residential fire sprinkler services, give us a call at 631-402-3020. Alternatively, you can reach us via our contact us page.

Violation Removal:

Receiving a fire protection violation can be daunting, as the removal process is tricky. However here at MJ Koester Inc Fire Protection, we can make the process quick, affordable, and stress-free.

Our experienced team can help you with any fire code violation removal. We have years of experience in the business and can advise on the best course of action to get your property back up-to-date with local codes.

Violations can occur for any number of reasons, such as outdated equipment, incorrect installation, or expired permits. We can help you identify the cause of the violation and suggest an effective solution to bring your property back up-to-date with the fire protection regulations.

If you need fire code violation removal services, get in contact with our team of specialists today, here, or call us at 631-402-3020.

Maintenance and Repair:

Fire systems should be maintained regularly to ensure they are working correctly and can respond immediately in the event of a fire. At MJ Koester Inc Fire Protection, we provide comprehensive  maintenance and repair services that include:

  • Sprinkler inspection and testing
  • Regular maintenance checks
  • System repairs

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